Rusin Ranch Ramblings is a busy little hobby farm situated in Bungeet in
North East Victoria. Breeding a range of birds, poultry, waterfowl,
gamebirds, rabbits, sheep and llamas there is never a dull moment! We
will try to update the webstore with current availability in the animals
however that may not always be possible so please contact us if you are
interested in any of our furry or feathered friends.
We handcraft a selection of body products on the farm. As the farm
continues to grow we plan to utilise many more items from the farm in our products - from flowers, herbs and vegetables harvested from
our spray free gardens to honey and wax from our bee hives. The passion for our products originated from a love of baths and have snowballed dramatically from there. There is nothing better than a relaxing bath after a long day on the farm! Hopefully you enjoy our products as much as we do.


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Our passion for creating our products originated with the humble bath bomb. Baths are a cherished "treat yourself" time and what better to do it with than a skin nourishing, lovingly handmade bath bomb??

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are where our passion for our products began. In our humble opinion, baths are a perfect time to relax and recharge - especially after a busy day on the farm! It seems only natural that we would begin formulating our own - which we do with a focus on skin nourishing ingredients.


    "I have tried Shower Steamers from 6 different Places . Yours are by far the best"

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