Rusin Ranch Ramblings is a busy little hobby farm situated in Bungeet - North East Victoria. Hi !! I'm Bec!! We originate from Sydney. We decided to make the tree change out of the big smoke to small country town a while back and haven't looked back. A chef by trade, i only partly left the kitchen! My passion for creating our products originated from a love of languishing in the bath and has snowballed dramatically from there - we now have an extensive range of products for the bath, body, shower and even cleaning. We small batch, hand craft all our products with love on our farm. I hope you love our products as much as I do ❤️


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Our passion for creating our products originated with the humble bath bomb. Baths are a cherished "treat yourself" time and what better to do it with than a skin nourishing, lovingly handmade bath bomb??

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are where our passion for our products began. In our humble opinion, baths are a perfect time to relax and recharge - especially after a busy day on the farm! It seems only natural that we would begin formulating our own - which we do with a focus on skin nourishing ingredients.


    "I have tried Shower Steamers from 6 different Places . Yours are by far the best"

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